Welcome to the Resident and Medical Student Well-being Information Page

The Community Memorial Healthcare (CMH) and the Graduate Medical Education program (GME) are committed to developing and delivering a Well-being Program.  CMH and GME strive to meet each Resident and Medical Student’s individual well-being needs through various engaging resources.

Ronda Doonan, PsyD – Director of Behavioral Health and Well-being

Office: 7th floor, across from the main elevators

Office Phone: 805-948-6414

Personal Cell: 818-667-7707 (available 24/7 to call or text)

Individual Meetings

Residents are welcome to meet with our Director of Behavioral Health and Well-being at any time.  To actively promote well-being in our programs, residents and medical students are required to meet individually each academic year with the Director of Behavioral Health and Well-being for GME. These sessions are 30-minute meetings during which you may discuss anything you wish to discuss or nothing at all. These meetings provide an opportunity for you to talk confidentially and get to know our Well-being Director without being singled out in any way.

Resident Well-being Committee

The Resident Well-being Committee includes one Resident Representative from each specialty and meets at least quarterly to confidentially address any concerns or ideas residents may have related to well-being in our GME program and individual residents’ health and well-being. The Resident Well-being Committee will assist the GME office in proactively addressing any concerns and offering compassionate and appropriate suggestions for support or resolution.

Resident Forum

The resident forum is open to all residents and is a means through which residents can raise issues to GME program leadership without administrators being present unless otherwise requested by the residents.  These meetings take place quarterly.  Non-identifying minutes are provided to GME Administration so that administration, faculty, or staff as appropriate can address concerns or suggestions.  Additionally, topics raised in the Resident Forum can be addressed in the Resident Well-being Committee to provide additional ideas and input to GME on resident-driven initiatives.

Well-being Resources

National Academy of Medicine, Clinician Well-being and Resilience

Taking Care of Yourself and Each Other

Make the Difference: Preventing Medical Trainee Suicide

Need Help Now?

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis or is having thoughts of suicide, please reach out to one or more of these resources:

Physician Support Line

Seven days a week, completely anonymous, staffed by volunteer board-certified psychiatrists 5 am to 10 pm Pacific time: 888-409-0141

Crisis Text Line: text HELLO to 741741

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

VC Mobile Crisis Response Team: 866-998-2243

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