How do I make sure my study continues after I graduate?

  • Time for some succession planning. At the start of the academic year, you should identify who will take over the study, even though the goal is to finish the project in the year. When planning to pass along your study, consider:
    • Is there anyone on your Research Study team or in your program who might be interested in and able to replace you as PI? (Pro Tip: think through if anyone in the year behind you has an interest in research and/or your study topic.) From there, submit a Change in PI and/or Change in research team form.
    • Consider:
      • What will happen to the data collected thus far?
      • Is the location where the data are currently stored appropriate for the new PI to gain seamless access?
      • ┬áDo you currently store any data that needs to be transferred to the new PI?
      • What level of involvement do you want to have after you transfer off the study as PI? Would you want to be kept on as a sub-investigator?
      • Do you want to be involved in any dissemination efforts?

Be sure to have direct conversations about these desires with the new PI.

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