How do I close my study?

  • Complete a Notice of Study Closure Form (The first 3 pages are the form that needs to be filled in and you only need to fully complete the portions that apply to your study design.)
  • Discuss with the GME Research Support Team how study records and collected data will be protected after study closure. Records (including the approved IRB application, all amendments, continuing reviews, and signed informed consent forms) must be retained for at least three years per federal regulations.  Deidentified data without codes attached can be stored indefinitely; keep this in mind in case data analysis is ongoing or you may want to revisit your data in the future. You will also need a plan for who will destroy any data and/or delete records no longer needed from your personal devices. Other conditions may apply based on your specific study so check in with GME Research Staff for specifics on your situation after opening the Notice of Study Closure Form and scrolling down to Page 4 where data retention guidance is given for each regulatory body.
  • Decide what to do with any unused supplies/equipment.
  • If you received but did not use all funds allotted from GME Research, the remaining funds will be deducted from your paycheck.

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