Can others help me recruit/consent study participants? 

Yes, but you must consider the following:

  • All research study team members must be listed on the IRB application. Before recruiting team members, consider whether they have time to be trained in obtaining informed consent for research participation and if they have time in their workflow to recruit and/or consent participants.
  • When asking for assistance with recruiting, remember that people are giving of their limited time and doing you a favor. In line with their level of involvement, research team members should be listed as investigators, names on presentation, etc. (You can always refer to the CMHS Authorship Policy as a guide on who to include, how to determine authorship order, and responsibilities.)
  • Review the study population to consider whether recruiters must speak languages other than English.
  • If others assist you with recruiting, determine how you will be alerted if an eligible patient needs to be approached.
    • Who needs to know about your study and what do they need to know to be able to tell if a patient would be a good fit?
    • Where will you keep recruitment materials?
    • How will you and your Research Study Team access them when needed?  Remember, study data must be protected at all times.
  • If others assist you with consenting, determine where you will keep blank Informed Consent materials and how consenters will access them when needed. Likewise, come up with a plan for where you will store signed forms.
    • Will this need to be electronic or printed?
    • How will any paper study documents be securely protected?
    • What will others need access to?
    • How will they know where they are kept and how to access them?

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