Graduate Medical Education Research Department

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Amanda Frugoli | available (variable) | 208-419-1360 |

Graal Diaz | available MWF | 805-901-7850 |

Cameryn Garrett | available by email/phone | 805-320-1110|

Janet Hobbs (Librarian) | available by email/phone
818-856-5276 |

For translations, please consult All Languages Interpreting and Translating, Inc.

  • Website:
  • Address: 701 East Santa Clara Street, Suite 47 Ventura, California 93001
  • Phone: (805) 654-0509 | (805) 293-8524 Facsimile 

Research Process

Step 1: Select a Topic

Research begins with an idea

PICOT Framework

Step 2: Review the Literature

Step 3: Define the Problem

Narrow down the topic, define the problem clearly, and form a hypothesis

Step 4: Design the Study

Step 5: IRB Application


Advice for Advancing IRB Apps

Visit the CMHS IRB homepage on the intranet to access the eProtocol, CITI Training, Case Report Forms, and other IRB resources.

Case Report Documents

CITI Certification Instructions

Common Challenges with IRB Apps

Understanding Risk

Step 6: Data Collection

Step 7: Data Analysis

Step 8: Write and Disseminate

Note: save and then open Poster Sample Formats 1-5.

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