Selected Podcasts 

Black Men in White Coats 
seeks to increase the number of Black men in the field of medicine by exposure, inspiration, and mentoring. 

Docs With Disabilities Podcast 
deep dive into the experiences of health care providers with disabilities through critical conversations with the doctors, researchers, administrators, faculty and policy makers that work to ensure medicine remains an equal opportunity profession.

Flip the Script 
discusses societal and healthcare issues that disproportionately affect the health of minorities, including but not limited to racial and ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities, and religious minorities, on a national and global scale.  

Framing Asian Suffering in an Anti-Black World: A Conversation with Claire Jean Kim
aims to reflect on the uneven impacts of the “pandemic year” and to consider new futures that might be made possible in its wake. 

The Praxis 
aims to directly address and explore the effects of racism, and other forms of marginalization so that we can collectively achieve health justice. 

Vital Voices
discusses issues related to bias and discrimination in clinical learning environments. Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation produces this podcast.

WISER Podcasts – Women in Surgery at the Emory Residency
was started by Women In Surgery at Emory Residencies to celebrate the careers, achievements, and life stories of women in surgery.

Woke WOC docs 
celebrates the lives of womxn of color in medicine/health justice, including their unique experiences, viewpoints, and struggles in medical education, research, and practice. 

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