Continuing Medical Education Committee

NameOn FileRelevant Financial RelationshipsCommercial CompanyExpires
Steven Barr, MD, ChairpersonYesNoneNone12/14/21
Stan Frochtzwajg, MDYesNoneNone12/14/21
Hannah Robinson, DOYesNoneNone12/14/21
James Hornstein, MDYesNoneNone12/14/21
Brian Raffetto, MDYesNoneNone7/06/22
Samuel Small, DO., Med. Ed. DirectorYesNoneNone6/30/22
Petros Frousiakis, D.O.YesNoneNone6/28/22
Cindy DeMotte, VP of QualityYesNoneNone6/24/22
Chelsi Hoshiwara, DOYesNoneNone6/30/22
Aashish Daulat, DOYesNoneNone7/01/22
Janet Hobbs, Manager, Medical Staff LibraryYesNoneNone6/29/22
Alberto Kywi, Admin. Director of Graduate Medical EducationYesNoneNone12/14/21
Vicki Van der Toorn, Director, Medical Staff ServicesYesNoneNone6/30/22
Kaitlyn Moorehead, Pharm.D.YesNoneNone6/25/22
Erin Parker, Continuing Medical Education CoordinatorYesNoneNone6/18/22

2021 Relevant Financial Relationships

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